The Merry Widow (DVD)


The Merry Widow (DVD)


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Renée Fleming encabeza un elenco de estrellas con elegancia y glamour, que incluye a Kelli O'Hara y el veterano barítono Sir Thomas Allen. En este video podemos encontrar la opereta cómica 'La Viuda Alegre' de Lehar en una suntuosa nueva producción del MET.

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Léhar: The Merry Widow - Opening Credits
Léhar: The Merry Widow - Act 1 Introduction
"It's fallen to me to address you"
"And so I propose a toast to our connection"
"When one's a respectable wife (Come quickly, please)"
"We're going to have to get you married"
"What's that? … What's all this commotion?"
"What a beautiful voice you have"
"Then off to Chez Maxim"
"Danilo! There you are"
"I do love to dream - A place where we could be"
"This fan, with its repulsive inscription"
"Ladies' choice, can you hear the men rejoice?"
Léhar: The Merry Widow - Act 2 Introduction
Introduction, Dance and Vilja Song
"Madame Glawari"
"If a girl's admiring you (Hello, here's a soldier bold)"
"Keep away from the Widow"
"Who can tell what the hell women are? (What's the secret?)"
"Not so fast! Count Danilo!"
"A lady's fan! What's this?"
"Sir, I have an urgent"
"At the first kiss of April (Come on, Camille)"
"Oh no! The Baroness and Rosillon are in there, together, alone!"
"Ha! Ha! - Bonsoir Messieurs, did someone call?"
"Lolo, Dodo, Joujou"
"The Grisettes are on their way (We're the ladies of the Chorus)"
"Excellency, I have a telegram"
"No, you carry on"
"Music's playing, hear it saying"
"Just say the words"
"Let us live every day for Love! (Whenever I'm lost or I'm lonely…) "
"Love's all well and good…"
"Who can tell what the hell women are? (Why do men never know what we are?)
Léhar: The Merry Widow - Bows & Closing Credits
Joyce DiDonato Interviews Renée Fleming & Nathan Gunn
Joyce DiDonato Interviews Susan Stroman
Joyce DiDonato Interviews Thomas Allen & Alex Shrader
Joyce DiDonato Interviews Kelli O'Hara
Léhar: The Merry Widow - Renée Fleming Interviews William Ivey Long
Léhar: The Merry Widow - Menu


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