Timeless Classic Albums (5 CD)


Timeless Classic Albums (5 CD)


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5 CD
Características Artísticas
Land Ahoy
Cindy, Oh Cindy
What Is A Young Girl Made Of
Surfin' Safari (Candix Session)
Surfer Girl (Candix Master)
Judy (Candix Session)
Karate (Candix Session)
Surfin' (First Attempt)
Luau (First Attempt)
Lavender (Demo)
Surfin' Safari" (B. Wilson/Mike Love) 2:05
County Fair" 2:15
Ten Little Indians" 1:26
Chug-A-Lug" (B. Wilson/Usher/Love) 1:59
Little Girl (You're My Miss America)" (Herb Alpert/Vincent Catalano) Dennis Wilson 2:04
409" (B. Wilson/Usher/Love) 1:59
Surfin'" (B. Wilson/Love) 2:10
Heads You Win?Tails I Lose" 2:17
Summertime Blues" (Eddie Cochran/Jerry Capehart) David Marks and Carl Wilson 2:09
Cuckoo Clock" B. Wilson 2:08
Moon Dawg" (Derry Weaver) instrumental 2:00
6The Shift" (B. Wilson/Love) 1:52
Surfin' USA (Brian Wilson y Chuck Berry) Mike Love 2:27
Farmer's Daughter Brian Wilson 2:15
Misirlou (Roubanis, Wise, Leeds y Russell) Instrumental 2:03
Stoked (Brian Wilson) Instrumental 1:59
Lonely Sea (Brian Wilson y Gary Usher) Brian Wilson 2:21
Shut Down (Brian Wilson y Roger Christian) Mike Love 1:49
Noble Surfer Mike Love 1:51
Honky Tonk (Doggett, Scott, Butler, Sheper y Glover) Instrumental 2:01
Lana (Brian Wilson) Brian Wilson 1:39
Surf Jam (Carl Wilson) Instrumental 2:10
Let's Go Trippin' (Dick Dale) Instrumental 1:57
Finders Keepers Mike Love 1:38
Surfer Girl 2:26
Catch a Wave 2:20
The Surfer Moon 2:18
South Bay Surfer 1:52
The Rocking Surfer 2:01
Little Deuce Coupe 1:50
In My Room 2:14
Hawaii 2:04
Surfer's Rule 1:42
Our Car Club 2:19
Your Summer Dream 2:35
Boogie Woodie 2:01
Little Deuce Coupe 1:40
Ballad of Ole' Betsy 2:17
Be True to Your School 2:08
Car Crazy Cutie 2:49
Cherry Cherry Coupe 1:50
409 2:00
Shut Down 1:52
Spirit of America 2:25
Our Car Club 2:24
No-Go Showboat 1:56
A Young Man Is Gone 2:19
Custom Machine 1:39
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