Rachmaninoff: Complete songs (CD)

Rachmaninoff: Complete songs (CD)


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At the gates of the holy cloister
Nothing shall I say to you
Again you are bestirred, my heart
April! a festive day in the spring
Dusk was falling
Song of the disenchanted
The flower died
Do yu remember the vening?
O, no, I beg you, do not leave Op.4 No.1
Morning Op.4 No.2
In the silence of the secret night Op.4 No.6
Sing not, o lovely one Op.4 No.4
Oh, my field Op.4 No.5
It wasn't long ago, my friend Op.4 No.6
Water lily Op.8 No.1
My child, your beauty is that of a flower Op.8 No.3
Thoughts, reflections Op.8 No.3
I feel in love, to my sorrow Op.8 No.4
A dream Op.8 No.5
Prayer Op.8 No.6
Small island Op.14 No.5
How fleeting is delight in love Op.14 No.3
I was with her Op.14 No.2
Summer nights Op.14 No.2
You are so loved by all Op.14 No.7
Do not believe me, frined Op.14 No.7
Oh, do not grieve Op.14 No.5
She is a beautiful as midday Op.14 No.19
In my soul Op.14 No.10
spring torrents Op.14 No.11
It is time Op.14 No.12
Were you hiccoughing, Natasha?
Fate Op.21 No.1
By a fresh grave Op.21 No.2
Twilight Op.21 No.2
They replied
Lilacs Op.21 No.4
Fragment from A. Musset Op.21 No.6
How peaceful Op.21 No.7
On the death of a siskin Op.21
Melody Op.21 No.9
Before the icon Op.21 No.11
I am not a prophet Op.21 No.12
How pained I am Op.21 No.12
There are many sounds Op.26 No.1
All was taken from me Op.26 No.2
We shall rest Op.26 No.3
Two farewells Op.26 No.4
Let us leave, my sweet Op.26 No.5
Christ is risen
To my childeren Op.26 No.10
I beg for mercy Op.26 No.8
I am alone again Op.26 No.9
At my window Op.26 No.10
The fountain
Night is sorrowful Op.26 No.12
Yesterday we met Op.26 No.14
All passes Op.26 No.15
Letter to K.S Stanislavskyº
The muse Op.34 No.1
In the soul of each of us Op.34 No.2
The storm Op.34 No.3
A passing breeze Op.34 No.4
The raising of lazarus Op.34 No.6
It cannot be Op.34 No.7
Music Op.34 No.8
You knew hin Op.34 No.9
I remember this day Op.34 No.10
The herald Op.34 No.11
What is happiness Op.34 No.12
Dissonance Op.34 No.14
From the gospel of St.John
At the night in my garden Op.38 No.1
To her Op.38 No.2
Daisies Op.38 No.5
Au Op.38 No.6
A prayer
All glory to god
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