Soul survey music city soul (CD)


Soul survey music city soul (CD)


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Dos colecciones seminales del más profundo y elaborado Soul del Sur, desde el sello discográfico establecido en Memphis: SSS International y sus filiales Silver Fox y Minaret. Una selección única en un doble CD que incluye 50 temas, 18 de los cuales son Bonus Tracks con temas nunca antes editados ni oídos en formato CD. Con nombres como Bettye Lavette, T-Bone Walker, Johnny Soul, George Perkins y muchos otros.

Formato de reproducción:
2 CD
Características Artísticas
Cornbread row
Medley of soul
Pickin' wild mountain berries
Big city blues
Reconsider me
My train's coming in
He made a woman out of me
All night long
Let's stick together
From the bottom of may heart
You gotta pay the price
Let's go, let's go, let's go
Shout bamalama
You see me
You shakin 'things up'
Prision farm
Morning dew
These arms you push away
I've really got something to be proud of
The pleasure of my woman
Every little bit hurts
Yes, my goodness, yes
Ther's a break in the road
My ancestors
Cryin' in the streets
Lonely room
The game of love
I have no one
Action speaks louder than words
That's how strong my love is
How much can a man take?
Them changes
Baby, you got it
One way love affair
Lift me up
If I could see you one more time
Lonely man
Too late
(I just want) Some leaving alone
Take this hurt off me
Soul ranger
I almost called your name
Before the next teardrop falls
Sunday morning coming down
A shell of a woman
Natural soul brother
The night the angels cried
Hanging heavy in my mind
Release me


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