Will you love me tomorrow (CD)


Will you love me tomorrow (CD)


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2 CD
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Don't feel sorry for me - Jimmy Ruffin
When you see me hurt - Carl Lester & The Showstopeers
It's your voodoo workin - Charles Sheffield
Misery - Barrett Strong
Little boy of mine - The Delicates
I love how you love me - The Paris Sisters
There's no other like my baby - The Crystals
I want a boy - The Ronettes
My lover - The Cookies
A moment ago - The Angels
Tonight's the night - Chiffons
Comea comea - The Bobbettes
But not for me - The Clickettes
Way over there - The Marvelettes
Who's lovin' you - The Supremes
I'm blue - The Ikettes
I'm gonna quit while I'm ahead - The Ronettes
Baby it's you - The Shirelles
Born too late - The Poni-Tails
Dearest darling - The Rosebuds
Love sweet love - The Teen Queens
Let me in - The Sensations
Tears of sorrow - The Primettes
Where is my love tonight - The Starlets
Mrlee - The Bobbettes
I want a guy - The Supremes
Oh yeah, maybe baby - The Crystals
All the love I got - The Marvelettes
Boys - The Shirelles
Black and white thunderbird - The Delicates
My guiding angel - The Ronettes
Til - The Angels
Don't say goodnight - The Bobbettes
I can't take it - The Chantels
Passing time - The Cookies
Since you've been gone - The Dreamers
An understanding - The Rollettes
Down the aisle of love the quintones - The Supremes
Never again twistin' postman - The Marvelettes
Dedicated to the one I love - The Shirelles
What's so sweet about sweet sixteen - The Primettes
Pretty baby - The Poni-Tails
Before we say goodnight - The Chordettes
Born to be with you - The Clickettes
Where is he - The Chantels
Maybe - The Bobbettes
I shot mrlee - The Teen Queens
Eddie my love - The Rosebuds


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