The song of Carole King (CD)

The song of Carole King (CD)

Carole King
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Por fin el necesario recopilatorio de los primeros años de una de las parejas compositivas madres de la música de los 60, de altura comparable a Bacharach / David, Leiber / Stoller o Spector. Será una sorpresa para aquellos que conozcan a Carole King gracias a Tapestry y su carrera en los 70, comprobar que marcó la década anterior y que los propios Beatles, así como Everly Brothers, The Monkees, Grand Funk Railroad, James Taylor, The Animals, Blood Sweat & Tears o Manfred Mann, entre muchísimos otros, interpretaron composiciones suyas.

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Características Artísticas
It might as well rain until September
Up on the roof
The loco motion
Take good care of my baby
Go away little girl
Halfway to Paradise
Heaven is being with you
Show me the way
No on eever tells you
Every breath I take
Nobody's perfect
Keep your love locked
Why'd you wanna make me cry
What a sweet thing that was
Just another fool
Dreamin' about you
How many tears
Follow that girl
Happy times are here to stay
Help me find the way back to your heart
I was only kidding
I'd never find another you
When my little girls is smiling
Under the stars
Will you love me tomorrow
Point of no return
Crying in the rain
Walkin' with my Angel
I didn't have any summer romance
Where do I go
Some kind of wonderful
Funny face
School bell are ringing
When my little girl
He knows I love him too much
I could have loved you so well
Love eyes
I couldn't say no
Her royal majesty
The right girl
Up on the roof
BobbyBobby Bobby
Sharing you
Good bluddies
Goin' wild
Halfway to Paradise
Go away little girl
He hit me and it felt like a kiss
When my little girl is smiling
Stranger in my arms
Queen of the beach
I'd never find another you
Dear buddy
I've got bonnie
He knows I love him too much
How can I meet her
Baby sittin'
My golden chance
Keep your hands off my baby
Not just tomorrow but always
Don't ever change
Shor mort
Dear Mr. DJ play it again
The light in you window
In my baby's eyes
The kid brother
The slide
Billy's ridin'
Am I the guy
The dance is over
A very special boy
I can't say goodbye
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