Technology and elements for an early detection of alarm jumping

What is early detection and how does it work?

Early detection is the technological system whose purpose is tothwart a burglary before it is committed. That is to say, the early detection prevents them from entering the home or business, thus stopping it.

Do you know the elements that alarms have to detect intrusion before it happens?

In order to anticipate theft or intrusion, it is necessary to have early detection technology with all the elements that make it up, which are detailed below.

The deterrent plate:

It is the first security element that any intruder encounters and, therefore, the first barrier to any assault, robbery or occupation thanks to its deterrent effect that makes the thief realize that the home is protected by a security system.

deterrent plate SICOR alarms El Corte Inglés

The plates of SICOR alarms El Corte Inglés installed at the main entrances will make it visible that your home is safe as it is connected to an Alarm Receiving Center which, in case of receiving alarm signals, will respond quickly to an illegal access to the house...

Outdoor photodetector:

Our outdoor photo detector guarantees the authenticity of the alarms:

It detects intrusion by presence and movement, facilitates the identification of the intruder as it instantly sends its images to our ARC. .

In addition, it is equipped with ANTI-STOPPING system, preventing tampering, plugging or sabotage.

It is specifically designed for outdoor areas, wireless and easy to install and also has infrared so that both day and night you can see the thief before he commits his misdeed. 

It warns before the intruder arrives at your door making it an essential element of early detection.

Access sensor:

It is the most basic element to control the opening and vibration for doors and windows, thus anticipating the detection of a break-in or any other type of burglary or forced entry method.

Direct notification is given to our Alarm Receiving Center with immediate notification to the Police if necessary.

Access control:

With the ability to record entries and exits of both a home and a company in a secure and reliable way, it authorizes or denies each person the activation or deactivation of the alarm.

It is also available with facial recognition and thus allows to control presence and personal access.

Its vehicle access control, among other features, allows for this early detection.

CCTV surveillance system:

Equipped with finished cameras for outdoor and perimeter control for villas or large extensions. With exceptional systems for early outdoor detection through residential thermal camera technology.

Also for companies we have control centers and monitoring by Videowall System.

SICOR alarms El Corte Inglés has several elements that deter thieves from burglarizing your home and allow early detection of any situation of insecurity that may occur. The new alarms no longer only go off when the intruder is inside your home, they do it before he has been able to enter with the early perimeter detection.

How does early detection work?

early detection sensor SICOR alarms El Corte Ingles

  • Detects intrusion by presence and movement; facilitating the identification of the intruder by sending images to our CRA in real time both day and night.
  • Equipped with ANTI-STRIPPING system, preventing tampering, plugging or sabotage.
  • Specifically designed for outdoor areas, wireless and easy to install. Perfect for villas or for homes with outdoor areas.
  • Warns before the intruder arrives at your door.

It detects the opening of any access, whether doors or windows, so that the malefactor will not see possible to enter your home without us having already detected it, giving notice to the ARC for verification and to the Police after verifying the alarm triggering.

SICOR Security has extensive experience in protection, is at the forefront of technology; always having the best security elements to avoid any risk situation for you and yours.

You can consult in this post all the available alarm systems and ask our experts which is the one that best suits your needs taking into account the type of house you live in or the size of your company.

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