How much does an alarm cost?
Prices and factors to consider

Whether you are looking for an alarm for your home or for your business, here you can calculate the price of your alarm.
We start with a preliminary study of the needs of each client, taking into account the characteristics of each home or business. Find out how to calculate the price of your alarm here.


    How is the price of an alarm calculated? Factors to consider

    When calculating the cost of your alarm for your home, business or company, there are several factors to take into account:

    The type of home you live in: whether you live in a flat, a ground floor flat with a garden, a penthouse or a villa, your home will have its own characteristics to analyse in order to know how much it will cost you to contract your alarm.
    The size of the house: if you have very large areas to cover, you may need to expand the alarm kit with a greater number of detection devices to keep all the spaces and corners under surveillance and secure.
    The client's own needs: we also analyse what each client wants and expects from their alarm. There are people who need to have an entry control to know who is accessing their home and at what specific time, or an assistance service to go to their home in the event of an alarm going off, or a key safekeeping service in case they leave their keys inside the home, etc.
    If you have a business: businesses or companies require a prior analysis of the space in order to control vulnerabilities, employees, etc. A specific study of the space is necessary to obtain the final price of the alarm.

    Calculate the exact price of your alarm

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    What does an alarm usually include?

    The alarm kits are set up so that each type of home has complete protection according to its characteristics. What does it include?

    The main elements of our alarm:

    Deterrent badge, so that they know you are protected. It has a deterrent effect and acts as a deterrent to the offender.
    A tactile keypad, with permanent connection to our Alarm Reception Centre (ARC) and built-in siren.
    Photodetector, to facilitate identification in the event of an alarm and to be able to notify the police immediately.
    Control panel, the heart of the alarm where signals are received via radio and transmits communication to the ARC.
    Magnetic door and window contact, detects the opening of possible entrances.
    Infrared detector, detects the presence of people by movement and temperature.

    How much can an alarm cost?

    Although each house is different and a detailed security study must be carried out to ensure the best protection, our prices range from €39.90 per month for flats to €49.90 per month for detached houses.

    All servicing, maintenance and installation of the alarm is always included.

    You can also keep an eye out for our alarm offers for new customers.

    Is the alarm you are looking for for your business?

    Our systems are fully adapted to the integral protection of your business; motion sensors with image capture to alert the police at the time with the possibility of extending smoke sensors, vibration flooding for walls or windows (making break-ins impossible), sometimes the damage of a robbery leads to paralyse the activity which is what the alarm tries to avoid.

    We always put a technical advisor at your disposal to study your case and give you the most appropriate recommendations for the situation of your home and/or company.

    The cost of alarm installation

    The installation and assembly of the equipment is a task that requires a professional and a study of the weak points of each home, which can involve a very high cost.
    In SICOR alarms El Corte Ingles our goal is to give you the best service with the best technology, so our installation and maintenance is completely free.

    Types of alarms that you will find in SICOR alarms El Corte Inglés

    We have the latest technology against jammers, detecting them instantly, verifying with the user and giving instant notification to the police. This allows us to detect any type of jamming or sabotage.

    SICORconnected alarmsOffline alarms
    Immediate warning and action from the Alarm Reception Centre.No possibility of detecting an alarm warning.
    Contact 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.No professional support.
    Police and emergency services notified.No warning to police and emergency services.
    Grade 2 approved equipment.Non-approved equipment.
    Installation and maintenance carried out by qualified professionals.No professional installation and maintenance.

    Depending on the connectivity of the elements, at SICOR alarms El Corte Inglés our security systems have two-way communication and constant communication with the ARC:

    GSM connection (wireless).
    Ethernet connection.
    Police and emergency services notified.
    Permanent connection to the cloud.
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    What is included in the price of the SICOR alarms El Corte Inglés alarm?

    Our prices include installation and maintenance according to the current law, we also have a permanent 24/7 service in our CRA, with permanent connection to it and panic button.

    Alarm for flats

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    VAT included - In the Canary Islands the final amount will be calculated on the basis of the corresponding tax rate (IGIC 7%).

    Alarm for detached and semi-detached houses

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    VAT included - In the Canary Islands the final amount will be calculated on the basis of the corresponding tax rate (IGIC 7%).

    Alarm for attics and ground floors

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    VAT included - In the Canary Islands the final amount will be calculated on the basis of the corresponding tax rate (IGIC 7%).

    Business Alarms

    Protect your business with SICOR alarms El Corte Inglés!

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