Miscellaneous pastries

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  1. Magdalena and mantecada cakes
  2. Traditional pastries
  3. Brioche and milk bread
  4. Croissants
  5. Palmiers and pastries
  6. Cream-filled doughnuts
  7. Pastries
  8. Sobao sponge cakes and quesada desserts
  9. Pains au chocolat and ensaimada pastries
  10. Sponge cakes, cakes and pastries
  11. Sweet cakes
  12. Waffles and Crepes
  13. Doughnuts
  14. Miscellaneous pastries
  15. Tartlets and vol au vents
  16. Cakes
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26 products
DULCE TRADICION Almond cortadito pastries box 180 g
(9,39 € / Kilo)
DULCE TRADICION Chocolate buns box 260 g
(8,81 € / Kilo)
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