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SPECIAL LINE EL CORTE INGLES sweetener 650 tablets container 39 g
(1,29 € / Kilo)
SPECIAL LINE EL CORTE INGLES granulated sweetener 100 sachets case 100 g
(13,50 € / Kilo)
SPECIAL LINE EL CORTE INGLES wholegrain brown cane sugar bag 1 kg
(4,75 € / Kilo)
SPECIAL LINE EL CORTE INGLES liquid sweetener flask 125 ml
(11,92 € / Litre)
SPECIAL LINE EL CORTE INGLES Stevia sweetener doser 100 tablets
(15 € / Kilo)
SPECIAL LINE EL CORTE INGLES Xylitol birch sugar light sweetener, gluten-free can 500 g with low glycemic index
(17,20 € / Kilo)
SPECIAL LINE EL CORTE INGLES powdered sweetener flask 75 g
(24,80 € / Kilo)
(4,88 € / Kilo)
SANTIVERI Bio organic unrefined panela bag 500 g
(6,70 € / Kilo)
SANTIVERI Liquid stevia zero calories, gluten-free and lactose-free case 90 cc
(4,43 € / Litre)
SANTIVERI Dulzol liquid sweetener zero calories container 90 ml
(25 € / Litre)
NATURGREEN Bio organic 100% artisan panela, gluten-free bag 500 g
(5,90 € / Kilo)
NATURGREEN organic coconut sugar container 300 g
NATURGREEN Bio Organic organic erythritol sweetener 0% added sugar, 0% calories can 500 g
(18,10 € / Kilo)
NATURGREEN birch sugar, Xylito-based sweetener with low glycemic index container 500 g
(1,94 € / 100 g.)
NATURGREEN Erythritol and Steviol-based sweetener, 0% calories can 500 g
(24,60 € / Kilo)
DRASANVI Abedul sugar bag 300 g
(25,73 € / Kilo)
DRASANVI organic coconut sugar bag 300 g
DRASANVI Organic birch sugar in individual packets bag 300 g
(34,67 € / Kilo)
SORIA NATURAL Bio Panela organic brown cane sugar gluten-free and unrefined container 500 g
(10,62 € / Kilo)
SORIA NATURAL edulcosor liquid table sweetener container 110 ml
(19,55 € / Litre)
STEVIA SWEET stevia plant sweetener case 60 sachets
(77,67 € / Kilo)
STEVIA SWEET stevia plant sweetener container 300 tablets
(21,23 € / Kilo)
STEVIA SWEET Liquid stevia plant sweetener, ideal for cooking container 125 ml
(55,04 € / Litre)

Do you want to watch what you eat? At the El Corte Inglés Supermarket we can help you meet your goals to live a healthier and more balanced life if you supplement your general food items with our basic diet food products.

In our broad selection of diet food, we have products suited to each and every one of your needs, whether they're intolerances or allergies, or products made only with plants if you're a vegetarian or vegan, without added sugar or with specific supplements. We guarantee that with our nutritional supplements you won't be missing a thing.

You want even more advantages? In our diet food section we offer our sweetest selection with our breakfasts, sweets and bread products. The best part is that we make your shopping experience even sweeter with our  fantastic discounts and special offers, which we update every day: 2 for 1, 3 for 2, 50% off the 2nd item... Discover just how much you can save with your regular shopping!

The best diet products, always available at the Supermarket

We know that your priority is to stay healthy by eating a healthy, balanced diet, that's why our weight control products will be perfect for you. What's more, sticking to your routines will be much easier thanks to your lists of regular products. There, you'll find the items you usually buy at our supermarket without the need to browse through the website for extended periods of time, thereby notably streamlining and facilitating your shopping experience. Additionally, if you use your El Corte Inglés card as your payment method, you'll also be able to access the products you've bought in our physical supermarkets.

One of the keys to a healthy lifestyle is, without a doubt, staying active to keep your body in shape. Use our sports nutrition products to feel good inside and out, and don't forget our refreshing drinks, so you're  not missing a thing. We make it even easier for you: If you add these products to your daily routine, thanks to our shopping lists you can save them for  future occasions and save a lot of time. 

Your diet products, delivered fast

If you need a diet product that's essential to your routine as soon as possible, we guarantee that we'll deliver your order in the same day at the address of your choice if you place the order before 12 noon and select one of the available time slots. Would you prefer to collect your order at one of our stores? Choose the Click&Car service and drive to the car park, we'll load it directly into your car. It's that simple!

 At El Corte Inglés online Supermarket, in addition to diet products such as veggie sausages, tofu and seaweed, you'll find a wide variety of food, drinks, dairy products, frozen foods and fresh products of the best quality. Just add your diet food products and the other items you need, we'll pick and deliver them properly prepared, sealed and preserved, as if you had chosen them yourself. We strive to improve every day so we can continue to be the Supermarket you and your loved ones trust.

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