Services in El Corte Inglés Sabadell

  • Arreglos de confección, servicios de tintorería y bordado: Tapiràpid

    Desde la costura de un botón hasta la transformación de un vestido o la reparación de un forro, nuestra experiencia nos avala en la realización de arreglos rápidos de costura y transformaciones. También...

    More information Location: P5
  • Back to school Uniformity Schools:

    Summer flies by, and that means that once the holidays are over, it's time to organise everything for back to school. Don't leave everything to the last minute and prepare all the material the...

    More information Cita Previa Location: P3
  • Bathroom Design by appointment:

    We help you in the purchasing process of your new bathroom. From the beginning of the project, which includes the design of the space, the choice of bathroom furniture, sinks, bathtubs, showers and accessories,...

    More information Cita Previa Location: PSS
  • Bicycle repair shop:

    The bicycle you need for all activities and including all types of accessories. You can also use our repair shop to assemble bicycles and attach accessories

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  • BriCor:

        The space for DIY, decoration, paints, ironmonger’s, bathrooms, kitchens and gardens of BriCor at El Corte Inglés.            

    More information Location: PSS
  • Cafeteria:

    What better place than our Cafeteria to stop off while you shop and enjoy a good breakfast, snack, lunch or afternoon snack. Its famous pancakes or the new hamburgers... at the El Corte Inglés Cafeteria...

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  • Click & Car:

    Make your order for food, cleaning and beauty care products on our website and collect them in comfort from a reserved area in our store car park. You can choose the day and time that is most convenient...

    More information Location: PS1
  • Click & Collect:

    Using the Click & Collect Service you can make a purchase over the internet and collect it at the store of your choice. If the products are all from the same department you can collect them in the...

    More information Location: PS1
  • Clock and watch repairs: Hirsch

    The objective of all developments is to ensure the durability, convenient use and the appearance of watch straps for the various occasions when customers use them. Its knowledge and sound judgement about...

    More information Location: PB
  • Custom-made dress shirt making by appointment:

    Get that personal touch in your dress shirts made by master tailors, true specialists in creating and designing to adapt to what you need. Always with the highest quality of fabrics and an exceptional...

    More information Cita Previa Location: P2
  • Customer Service:

    Customer Service is available for you at all our stores where we can find solutions for any problem and listen to any suggestions you have.

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  • Dental clinic: Sanitas

    Dental clinics where you can find a team of dentists with recognised experience and equipment with the most advanced technology. All dental services and diagnostic tests are available in the same clinic....

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  • Depilación láser: Grupostop

    Desde 2005 trabajamos para ser la marca de confianza para el cliente. Una eficiencia que te proporciona la libertad y la comodidad de olvidarte de la depilación. La garantía de ofrecerte...

    More information Location: P5
  • El Corte Inglés Furniture Design:

    We help you in the process of purchasing your new bookstore and youth bedroom. From the beginning, design and selection to assembly and financing.

    More information Cita Previa Location: P5
  • Encargo & recogida de Cultura y Ocio: El Corte Inglés

    Ponemos a su disposición un servicio de encargos de 48 horas para los libros, discos, películas y material de papelería, que no encuentre en nuestra tienda. Además, para...

    More information Location: P6
  • Financial: El Corte Inglés

    So that you can buy whatever you want and whenever it suits you best, without having to carry cash, El Corte Inglés, through Financiera El Corte Inglés E.F.C., S.A., offers you the possibility...

    More information Location: P5
  • First Communion:

    Personalised service of first visit, advice, fitting and alterations of communion dresses and suits.

    More information Cita Previa Location: P3
  • Gourmet Club: El Corte Inglés:

    At the Gourmet Club we present you with an area dedicated to those who know how to take fine dining to the next level, using a selection of the most delicious products from the domestic or international...

    More information Location: PSS
  • Haberdashery: Su Misura

    The new Su Misura service from El Corte Inglés offers a wide range of possibilities for the customer to have their suit personalized according to their preferences and measurements, determining...

    More information Cita Previa Location: P2
  • Insurance:

    The best policies and advice for our clients comes from our experience. At El Corte Inglés insurance our advice will help you resolve all your questions about policies, contracts, covers, premiums...

    More information Location: P4, PSS
  • Kitchen Design by appointment:

    We help you in the purchasing process of your new kitchen. From the beginning of the project, which includes the design of the space and the choice of furniture and finishes, to assembly and financing....

    More information Cita Previa Location: PSS
  • Lavado de vehículos: Lavado de automóviles

    En nuestro centro de lavado nos preocupa tanto tu vehículo como el medio ambiente. Nuestro servicio de limpieza integral deja tu coche impecable por dentro y por fuera.

    More information Location: PS1
  • Lotería catalana: Loto catalana

    Administración con venta de Lotería de Catalunya.

    More information Location: P5
  • Lotteries and bets: SELAE

    Lottery sale office.

    More information Location: PB
  • Ludoteca: La Luna de Colu

    La Luna de Colu es un concepto dedicado a crear el ocio de nuestros más pequeños en nuestros centros. Disponemos de diferentes zonas de juego con mesas para talleres, siempre atendido por...

    More information Location: P3
  • Movistar: Movistar

    Our mission is to bring the best of technology to our customers. To achieve this we offer products and services that are increasingly simple, and that include all the options customers require: landlines,...

    More information Location: P4
  • Opticians: Óptica 2000

    A company in the El Corte Inglés Group where our team of professionals will offer you a personal service to take care of your sight and hearing requirements. Óptica 2000 offers all the leading...

    More information Location: PB
  • Parking:

    Now, using the car park is much easier with our app: register your vehicle and El Corte Inglés shopping card just once. Every time you enter, your number plate will be recognised and the barrier...

    More information Location: PS1
  • Peluquería de señora y caballero: Chema Perruquers

    Chema Perruquers Mujer Equipo altamente cualificado para el servicio y la interpretación de todas tus inquietudes sobre tu cabello. Trabajamos con productos naturales, de fabricación sostenible,...

    More information Location: P1
  • Press and magazines:

    Sale point for daily press, magazines and publications.

    More information Location: PSS
  • Punto de recogida de residuos luminarias: Ambilamp

    Seguro que alguna vez te has encontrado con una bombilla o fluorescente fundido en la mano sin saber muy bien qué hacer con ellos. Ambilamp es una asociación sin ánimo de lucro que...

    More information Location: PS1
  • Purchase card: El Corte Inglés

    Buy without loading yourself up with packages. With the El Corte Inglés purchase card you can collect and pay for all your purchases made in different departments and on different floors at just...

    More information Location: PS1
  • Raquet stringing shop:

    At our shop we offer a service for stringing tennis, squash and badminton rackets so that you can have everything ready to play.

    More information Location: P6
  • Recharging electric vehicles:

    Make your purchases in our shop while you recharge your electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle at the recharging points available. We have slow (Schuko) and semi-fast (type 2 - Mennekes) charging points, as...

    More information Location: PS1
  • Renovación carnet de conducir: Centre Médic de Conductors

    Gestión integral para la renovación del carnet de conducir con certificado médico psicotécnico.

    More information Location: P5
  • Second life to your clothes: CARITAS

    Drop your unused clothes in our bins and contribute to a double project in collaboration with Caritas Moda RE: - Circular economy: the clothes and all types of textiles collected in the containers of...

    More information Location: PS1
  • Shoe repairs and keys: Mister Minit

    At MISTER MINIT we offer repairs of all types of footwear, the copying of all types of keys, remote controls, registrations while you wait, rubber stamps and many other services.  

    More information Location: PSS
  • Taller del automóviles:

    Ponemos a su disposición todo un Departamento especializado en el cuidado y mantenimiento de su automóvil, con un servicio de instalación y montaje en el automóvil de los accesorios comprados, el surtido...

    More information Location: PS1
  • Ticket sales:

    Venta de Entradas El Corte Inglés is the leading distributor of tickets for all kinds of shows. Buy your tickets here, advised by the best experts, or pick up the tickets you have previously...

    More information Location: P5
  • Travel agency: Viajes El Corte Inglés

    Everything you need for your trips and holidays is available at the El Corte Inglés Travel Agency. Tickets for planes, trains, or boats, hotel reservations, car hire, language courses abroad, "bonoplus"...

    More information Location: P2
  • Weding Service "BodaMás":

    BodaMás is the El Corte Inglés wedding service that has everything you need to organise your wedding and much more. Also, by opening your wedding list now you can enjoy several advantages:...

    More information Location: P5