Wireless alarms: What are their advantages and when to use them?

Wireless alarms are the great unknown in the security world. These security systems stand out for being more practical, discreet and small, but maintaining the effectiveness of a traditional alarm.

What are wireless alarms?

A wireless alarm is one that does not require a wired connection, it is telematic. In this way, the customer can adjust the control panel from anywhere, as the box will emit signals from anywhere in the protected area.

Although there are concerns about the correct functioning of this type of alarm, they are a safe solution for home protection. In addition, they are smaller and lighter than conventional alarms, making it easier to choose their location.

This alarm system is very useful for homes because it receives and sends signals as a wireless alarm.

It has sensors that detect any intruder emitting a sound as an alert through a siren. This warning is received in a switchboard that sends the signal, all this without wires.

This switchboard or panel on which the signal is received is what differentiates them from any other type of alarm system, as it is portable so that the user can take it to any room in your home and by which you can notify the ARC if you need assistance.

Why choose a wireless alarm? What are its advantages?

Easy to install

Wireless home alarms are very easy to purchase and install.

It is not necessary to make any type of reform or drilling where it is going to be placed, respecting to the maximum the whole structure of your house.

In addition, it is a very agile and fast process and the alarm system is usually installed on the same day.

Lower price

As it is an alarm that does not need to use any wires, the price of the alarm is considerably reduced since you will only have to pay for the installed devices, cameras, etc.


We have greater flexibility when installing the devices and placing the entire alarm system, since, as no wires are required, no outlets or electricity points are needed, which facilitates the placement locations and we can more easily add other devices to improve home security, whether sirens at a particular point in the house, smoke or gas detectors or any other improvement of the security equipment, beyond the camera kit.

Mobile accessibility

Being able to have the switchboard or panel in the place of the house you prefer makes everything more accessible, plus you can control from your mobile or any other device any notice. This way, you will be able to see the images from the cameras, activate and deactivate your alarm easily and receive notifications in case any movement is detected when you are not there or you want to check any movement, watch your pet, etc.

Types of wireless alarms of SICOR alarms El Corte Ingles

Choosing the right security system for the protection of your loved ones is not easy, it is necessary to take into account the operation and characteristics of the different options and our needs. For this reason it is highly recommended to seek advice from specialists who can guide us and provide us with answers.

As we have already mentioned, wireless protection systems are currently the most demanded because they are more versatile and can be adapted to practically all types of homes and businesses.

Although the lack of wired connection makes many hesitate to opt for a wireless alarm, wireless security systems are completely reliable. The security and protection of the home and any business or company is possible thanks to the alarms that we offer in SICOR alarms El Corte Ingles, SICOR Group, to leave what matters most in GOOD HANDS.

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