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The different types of alarms that exist

If you are looking to protect your home or business, surely you have considered which is the best alarm for it or which cameras are ideal for your needs and according to the spaces you want to cover with the security system because there are several devices and technologies that you should know before making a decision. Below we detail the types of alarms that exist.

Types of security alarms according to different factors

It is always advisable to consult an expert in the field who can previously study your type of home or business and the areas that require installing the different devices of our alarm to offer you the most suitable kit for your home or business within all types of alarm systems on the market.

The purpose of installing an alarm is always to ensure your protection, that of your family members or that of your company.

At SICOR alarms El Corte Inglés we have security systems for all homes, adapted to apartments (of any height), single-family houses, businesses and your needs to prevent intrusions that lead to material damage or personal injury.

We perform a free preliminary study of the entire home or business to install the most appropriate alarm. 

SICOR alarms for apartments in El Corte Inglés have the most advanced security technology and, therefore, are completely safe systems. In the event of an alert, this is verified quickly and efficiently by the specialists working in the Alarm Receiving Center, who will notify the police or other security and emergency professionals. 

Quick installation without any work for different types of alarms!

Alarms according to the type of home

1. Floors

Not all homes are the same and apartments require a completely different kit than other types of homes. Securing the entrances is the main thing. We will have elements such as the opening and vibration sensor for doors and windows if it is located on a floor accessible from the street.

We recommend you to see our kit designed for floors

2. Villas and townhouses

The particularities of a villa, townhouse or detached house mean that we have to consider quite different types of residential alarms compared to those used in apartments. 

Here it will be extremely important to have perimeter detection devices to prevent the arrival to the house, which will follow the same security procedure as those installed in the house itself to monitor all access points, windows, entrances and exits. For this purpose, all the areas and angles that must be covered will be studied.

We recommend you to see our kit designed for villas and townhouses.

3. First floors and attics

Do you live in a first floor or an attic? These homes offer advantages such as greater privacy or access to a terrace, but also a number of drawbacks in terms of security, which make it different from an apartment, as they are more vulnerable to theft due to the casuistry of their entrances to the house. 

For this purpose, there are specific kits that include devices to cover areas such as the patio or terraces, as well as door and window sensors or infrared photodetectors that detect any movement.

We recommend you to see our kit designed for first floors and attics.

All SICOR alarms El Corte Inglés alarms allow you to protect your home as you need, depending on the time of day activates the area you want to protect to feel safe.

Depending on the area

When choosing the right type of alarm, the specific area you need to protect is also taken into account. 

Single zone: in this case the alarm is only focused on protecting a specific area.

Multiple zones: when the house is large or has to cover even part of the land and garden or is an office building or business with several floors, it is most common to use a type of alarm that controls different areas.

According to its function

Presence of intruders 

The presence of intruders is the main objective of any type of alarm so all kits, from the most basic to the most sophisticated, cover this function. They are designed so that all homes and businesses have complete protection. 

In SICOR alarms El Corte Ingles also have early detection of the possible entry of any malefactor to your home or business through vibration sensors doors or windows, which can be installed at any access to the house and there are also infrared cameras and perimeter alarms to be detected even in the vicinity of the house, making your villa, townhouse, first floor or attic much safer.

It is also the most commonly used function for apartments that do not have terraces or other types of easier access to ensure safety inside.

2. Anti-fire

The fire security system is usually part of an extension of the alarm, being a very specific and sophisticated device that, in addition to protecting homes against burglaries and intrusions, helps to prevent fires through the installation of devices that alert against fire or smoke, in order to intervene immediately to avoid any material or personal damage.

3. Flood detection

Like the fire protection system, it is part of an alarm extension.

However, with the flood detectors of SICOR alarms El Corte Inglés, characterized by their high sensitivity, we can quickly detect water leaks and other situations, avoiding problems of greater caliber and alerting security forces, such as firefighters etc.. 

According to the system

Wired alarms

There is a tendency to think that alarms by cable are of superior quality in terms of security and life time despite the obvious disorder at the time of installation, requires some work for all wiring and generally inhibitors that use some intruders are not effective for this type of alarms, but the reality is that the alarms have come a long way and using superior technology such as those of SICOR alarms El Corte Ingles and have an equal security whether or not wires.

Cable alarms also have a greater range of action.

The different types of alarms, both wired and wireless alarms can be connected to an ARC, the Alarm Receiving Center, which is responsible for viewing the alert, checking the alarm and mobilizing the security forces in case there is an intrusion.

2. Wireless alarms

Wireless alarms have a great advantage and it is that it is not necessary to carry out works in the house at the time of installation and they are much faster to put into operation since they are active on the same day.

The use of inhibitors by thieves may seem a problem to choose this type of alarms, but currently the technology used by SICOR alarms El Corte Ingles can detect this inhibition instantly and communicate with the user the incident and notify the police if necessary, so if they are sabotaging the security system we will know before they have entered the house.

In addition, if possible, we connect the alarm to the Internet via Ethernet cable so that we have a double communication channel that cannot be inhibited.

That is why these types of alarms are one of the most widely used in both homes and businesses.

You can read more about this type of alarms in this article.

For business

Like all our alarms, they are customized to each user and specific case to fully adapt to the needs of each company or business

We provide exclusive services focused on comprehensive security and cybersecurity for businesses. We perform a free security study that allows us to determine which is the most appropriate security system to protect different areas, whether they are premises at street level, office buildings or factories.

We also have different devices that will help you in the day-to-day running of your business: access control and clocking system, cybersecurity protection system, fire sensors, etc. 

We recommend you visit our business and SME page for more information. 

Connected alarms

A connected alarm is synonymous with an alarm connected to the ARC (Alarm Receiving Center). Having this connection allows us, in the case of alarm jumps, to verify at the time if it is a real alarm and that our professionals can notify the police. All SICOR alarms are connected to our Alarm Receiving Center (ARC) 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

Outdoor and perimeter alarms

The perimeter alarms are indicated for the security of the outdoor areas of a villa, townhouse or houses with patios, porches, gardens or terraces thanks to the perimeter outdoor detectors, which are able to identify the presence of an intruder on the perimeter of the house through its sensors and cameras specially designed for these areas with infrared etc..

This zone can be activated independently from the one inside the home, being compatible with the use of the house. It simply activates the exteriors allowing the transit inside the house.

In SICOR alarms El Corte Inglés we cover all kinds of security systems, if you need more information or request a personalized quote call us toll free 900 533 941

Tranquility, protection, professionalism, response, surveillance, security, service and trust are the values of SICOR alarms El Corte Inglés.

SICOR alarms El Corte Inglés is a service offered by SICOR Seguridad El Corte Inglés, S.L. - DGP. 3247 and with permanent 24h connection to our CRA 365 days a year and with Police notification.

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