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CALIDAD ARTESANA Sachertorte with raspberry container 500 g
(21,98 € / Kilo)
CALIDAD ARTESANA Carrot dessert container 150 g
(19,67 € / Kilo)
CALIDAD ARTESANA American chocolate dessert container 150 g
(19,67 € / Kilo)
CALIDAD ARTESANA San Marcos punch case 720 g
(19,38 € / Kilo)
CALIDAD ARTESANA Selva negra punch case 780 g
(17,88 € / Kilo)
CALIDAD ARTESANA Raspberry cheesecake container 750 g
(18,60 € / Kilo)
CALIDAD ARTESANA Lemon mousse cake case 500 g
(21,98 € / Kilo)
CALIDAD ARTESANA ?ponche selva negra' cake with ?felicidades mamá? chocolate bar case 780 g
(16,60 € / Kilo)
MAHESO baguetinas 4-pack bag 500 g
(4,30 € / Kilo)
MAHESO ciabattas 2 x 160g bag 320 g
(6,09 € / Kilo)
VITALPAN Galicia bread bag 500 g
(5,98 € / Kilo)
VITALPAN Chef buns bag 260 g
(9,58 € / Kilo)
LA COCINERA puff pastry sheets case 500 g
(6,50 € / Kilo)
MINAS Gluten-free cheese bread pack of approx. 16 case 400 g
(8 € / Kilo)
EASYBAKE garlic bread 2 baguettes bag 320 g
(9,84 € / Kilo)
WARBURTONS thick-sliced toastie bread bag 800 g
(4,99 € / Kilo)
WARBURTONS medium sliced bread bag 800 g
(4,99 € / Kilo)
CONCEPT PA diamante pan de cristal ciabatta-type bread case 200 g
(19,95 € / Kilo)
MIKO ETIQUETA NEGRA Grandmother's cake box 800 g
(8,62 € / Kilo)
MIKO ETIQUETA NEGRA cranberry cheesecake box 800 g
(8,62 € / Kilo)
MIKO ETIQUETA NEGRA Maria biscuit cake with caramel box 800 g
(8,62 € / Kilo)
MIKO ETIQUETA NEGRA Three chocolate cake box 800 g
(8,62 € / Kilo)
PHILADELPHIA NY cheesecake 6 portions case 350 g
(17,11 € / Kilo)
OREO cheesecake with biscuits 6 portions case 350 g
(17,11 € / Kilo)

One of the most convenient ways to stock your refrigerator and always have delicious food on hand is freezing. With these products, the nutrients remain and the food will last a long time. At the El Corte Inglés supermarket, we know they're must-haves in your fridge along with fresh products, and that's why we offer a wide variety of frozen products, to be able to prepare delicious meals in a snap.

The largest variety of frozen products at the Supermarket

Our selection of frozen items includes all sorts of food, like  classic pizzas and Italian dishes that will make your group lunches and dinners delightful. We promise that we'll personally ensure that our products are made with the highest quality ingredients and that they won't expire for a long time.

If you browse our frozen foods section, you'll discover a wide variety of ready-made frozen dishes that will be a sure bet for those days that you don't feel like making more complicated recipes. We promise to offer you all types of specialities, sizes and flavours.  Add as many frozen products to your cart as you like, we make it easy for you. Thanks to our lists, you can classify your selections and organise them for future orders in an easy, intuitive way.  

Frozen products with the most appealing special offers

At the El Corte Inglés Supermarket, we want to earn your loyalty and so we're constantly adding new special offers and discounts on products such as fish, seafood and surimi so that you're satisfied with your purchase and it's easy to save just by doing your usual shopping. 

It's important that frozen foods remain cold at all times. You can rest assured because we have a fleet of refrigerated vehicles that ensure that both your frozen foods and your general food products arrive in perfect condition, without breaking the cold chain. Once you place your order from your computer, tablet or smartphone, we take care of picking, conserving, transporting and delivering your products. This means we can guarantee that they conserve all their quality, flavour and freshness from our centre to your home.

At the El Corte Inglés online Supermarket, in addition to general food, you can find a wide variety of frozen products that you can store for a long time and enjoy whenever you want. Of course, we also offer the best  fresh products, breakfasts, sweets and breads, drinks, dairy products, and household and personal hygiene products. Just place your order on the website and choose the delivery time slot that's most convenient for you.

 We work hard every day to continue to be the Supermarket you trust.

The prices and special offers shown are valid in mainland Spain and the Balearic Islands. To see prices for the Canary Islands, please register or enter a postcode.

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