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EL CORTE INGLES multiflower honey in non-drip container can 500 g
(6,70 € / Kilo)
EL CORTE INGLES anti-drip orange blossom honey can 350 g
(8,06 € / Kilo)
EL CORTE INGLES Spanish mixed blossom honey jar 500 g
(8,26 € / Kilo)
EL CORTE INGLES non-drip rosemary honey can 350 g
(10,14 € / Kilo)
EL CORTE INGLES anti-drip eucalyptus honey can 350 g
(9,17 € / Kilo)
EL CORTE INGLES Spanish mixed blossom honey with royal jelly jar 250 g
(15,68 € / Kilo)
EL CORTE INGLES Spanish mixed blossom honey with propolis jar 250 g
(17,32 € / Kilo)
EL CORTE INGLES Creamy blossom honey from Spain jar 450 g
(7,31 € / Kilo)
EL CORTE INGLES Spanish mixed blossom honey with honeycomb jar 250 g
(15,04 € / Kilo)
GRANJA SAN FRANCISCO anti-drip multiflower honey can 425 g
(12,21 € / Kilo)
GRANJA SAN FRANCISCO miel de montaña ecológica 100% española jar 250 g
(19,80 € / Kilo)
GRANJA SAN FRANCISCO wildflower honey jar 1 kg
(6,50 € / Kilo)
GRANJA SAN FRANCISCO 100% Spanish blossom honey can 345 g
(13,59 € / Kilo)
GRANJA SAN FRANCISCO mild flower honey with anti-drip can 350 g
(12,83 € / Kilo)
GRANJA SAN FRANCISCO Honey with lemon juice can 350 g
(12,14 € / Kilo)
GRANJA SAN FRANCISCO 100% Spanish rustic rosemary honey flask 250 g
(25 € / Kilo)
ALIADA no drip flower honey can 500 g
(6,58 € / Kilo)
ALIADA flower honey in a glass jar jar 1 kg
(3,90 € / Kilo)
LUNA DE MIEL flower honey doser 500 g non-drip
(6,78 € / Kilo)
LUNA DE MIEL honey with royal jelly doser 250 g non-drip
(19,16 € / Kilo)
LUNA DE MIEL Honey with green propolis doser 250 g non-drip
(18,76 € / Kilo)
LUNA DE MIEL Flower honey container 1 kg
(6,35 € / Kilo)
LUNA DE MIEL Honey with ginseng doser 250 g non-drip
(19 € / Kilo)
LUNA DE MIEL Organic mixed blossom honey doser 250 g non-drip
(14,20 € / Kilo)

Make the special moments of your day even sweeter with our wide variety of marmalade, jam and honey. We're sure you'll find the most delectable flavours. Whatever you're looking for, we've got it all. Our marmalades and jam will be the perfect accompaniment for classic magdalena cakes or sobao sponge cakes, and even for the most refined traditional pastries.

At the El Corte Inglés Supermarket our priority is for you to enjoy the sweetest food at the best price, with the quality and guarantee only we can offer. You only have to choose whether you prefer peach marmalades and jam or strawberry marmalades and jam, among other products, and add them to your cart; we'll take care of the rest. We can send them to your home in just a few hours along with the rest of your purchase, or have everything ready at the closest El Corte Inglés Supermarket so you can pick it up with our Click&Car service. With this service you'll save a lot of time and doing the shopping will be much more convenient, since you'll just have to stop by the centre of your choice and we'll put your shopping in your car.

The most appetising flavours of marmalade, jam and honey

As you can see, our commitment is to bringing you the best brands of wild berry marmalade and jam, and many more products. Because we know that you're demanding with your food and that of your loved ones, you'll always find products suited to each and every one of your tastes, with products such as tropical marmalade and jam.  Just browse through the different breakfasts, sweets and bread categories and discover a selection of products you won't find anywhere else. And we want your shopping experience to be the best possible by offering you all kinds of discounts, special offers and sales: 2 for 1, 3 for 2, 50% off the 2nd item... We promise that every time you browse through our sections like biscuits or cereal you'll see a new promotion that will make it easier to save more than you'd think on all of your purchases.

Marmalade, jam and honey always available

You want even more advantages? Done deal. Remember that when you place an order for any product like honey for your breakfasts, it will be saved in your user account history so you won't have to search for it again. You can order the same thing next time with just a few clicks. This way, buying your favourite products from any category will be easy as pie. You can also create highly convenient digital shopping lists where you'll be able to add and save any product such as orange or plum marmalade and jam from our broad selection.

At the El Corte Inglés online Supermarket, we focus every day on offering you the best customer service and we're committed to bringing you the best quality in all of our products. We hope that your trust in us grows with every order you place on products such as assorted marmalades and jam. We're always here for you; open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Because our highest commitment is to facilitating and improving your life and that of your loved ones.

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