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ALIADA individually wrapped mantecada crumble cakes 12 cakes bag 520 g
(3,63 € / Kilo)
EL CORTE INGLES SELECTION Individually packaged artisanal mini magdalena cakes with chocolate chips bag 150 g
(11,93 € / Kilo)
LA BELLA EASO magdalena cakes bag 522 g 18 units
(4,20 € / Kilo)
LA BELLA EASO Magdalena cakes with 0% sugar individually packaged, no colourings or preservatives 8-pack bag 232 g 8 servings
(8,58 € / Kilo)
LA BELLA EASO Individually wrapped magdalena cakes only 6 ingredients 10-pack bag 290 g 10 units
(4,79 € / Kilo)
EL CORTE INGLES Round magdalena cakes 18 pieces packaged individually bag 615 g
(1,71 € / Kilo)
EL CORTE INGLES Valencian magdalena cakes 12 cakes in packs of 2 bag 350 g
(2,14 € / Kilo)
EL CORTE INGLES Lactose-free artisan magdalena cakes bag 400 g 6 pieces packaged individually
(4,98 € / Kilo)
EL CORTE INGLES Double chocolate chip muffins 4-pack packet 300 g
(4,63 € / Kilo)
EL CORTE INGLES Chocolate chip muffins 4-pack packet 300 g
(4,63 € / Kilo)
EL CORTE INGLES Lactose-free artisan square magdalena cakes bag 480 g 12 pieces packaged individually
(6,23 € / Kilo)
EL CORTE INGLES Lactose-free artisan Valencian magdalena cakes bag 380 g 12 pieces packaged individually
(6,71 € / Kilo)
EL CORTE INGLES Mini traditional magdalena cakes made with extra virgin olive oil, lactose-free bag 150 g
(11 € / Kilo)
EL CORTE INGLES Square magdalena cakes filled w/ cocoa cream 8 cakes in packs of 2 container 336 g
(3,12 € / Kilo)
MARTINEZ Magdalena squares with crispy sugar 24 pieces box 700 g
(3,64 € / Kilo)
MARTINEZ 15 magdalena cakes+3 units economy pack bag 615 g
(3,24 € / Kilo)
Home-style magdalena cakes 8-pack blister 520 g
(5,75 € / Kilo)
Chocolate chip magdalena cakes 8 cakes blister 520 g
(5,96 € / Kilo)
Mini magdalena cakes with chocolate 18-pack blister 225 g
(11,11 € / Kilo)
Mini magdalena cakes 18-pack blister 225 g
(11,11 € / Kilo)
Magdalena cakes, lactose-free 6-pack blister 300 g
(5,34 € / Kilo)
Double chocolate muffins 2-pack container 200 g
(7,50 € / Kilo)
Chocolate chip muffins 2-pack container 200 g
(7,75 € / Kilo)
MONTES LARA INPANASA magdalena cakes made with yogurt tray 260 g
(7,12 € / Kilo)

What type of breakfast do you prefer? At the El Corte Inglés Supermarket we're sure we'll be able to sweeten that moment of your day. Find a delicious variety of all kinds and flavours of pastries and patisserie. Whether it's to round out your breakfast, give yourself a treat, or because you love them, we have biscuits from the most popular brands, which will taste even better if you combine them with our dairy products. Whatever your selection, you're sure to love it.

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Plus, we reward your commitment to us by offering you incredible 2 for 1, 3 for 2, and 50% off the 2nd item offers and many more.  Find special offers on our products and combine several units of coffee and cocoa, for example, to save.  Discover many more special offers by browsing our website and adding the sweet products that catch your eye to your shopping cart. You can also save them to a list, making it simple and quick to place future orders. Add variety to your pantry with our breakfasts, pastries and bread section. A must-have in any kitchen.

Home-style, spongy textures... At the El Corte Inglés online Supermarket we offer the largest variety of bread to go along with your favourite products. Find them by browsing comfortably from your computer, tablet or smartphone. Do you want to watch what you eat? Complement your selection with any of our diet products.

Breakfasts, sweets and bread, in your cart in a flash

Want even more convenience? If you buy any type of sweet, you won't have to search for it again for future orders. Thanks to our Regular Products feature, you can find all of your prior orders product by product so that you won't have to waste time browsing. This will make all your shopping easier, whether you made the purchase online or in the supermarket itself, as long as you used your El Corte Inglés card as your payment method.

If you need your order quickly, we can deliver it  to your chosen address if you process it before 12 noon. Are you going to host an event soon?  A good sweet is a must-have. Schedule the delivery of your breakfast, sweet and bread products any time in the coming week and you'll receive it right on time. Would you rather pick it up yourself? Choose the Click & Car service and drive to the car park, we'll load your shopping directly into your car  or hand it over to you if you prefer. It couldn't be easier!

 At El Corte Inglés online Supermarket, in addition to sweets you'll find the largest variety of food, drinks, dairy products, frozen foods and fresh products of the best quality and with irresistible offers. We guarantee that we have everything you need for breakfast, a snack or any meal. Just add your favourite treats like teas and the other products you need to your cart, we'll pick them out and deliver them properly prepared and preserved.

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