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Contact us through the following options, depending on the type of question.

Head offices

Calle Hermosilla 112, 28009 - Madrid (España)

91 401 85 00

Customer Service

900 37 39 00


Careers and Talent

91 378 09 99



91 401 85 00

Information security and privacy

If you come across any vulnerability or threat that may affect the processing of your data or El Corte Inglés technology infrastructure, please contact us at:

Please include all the details in the message that can help us to locate the vulnerability.

Confidential information should be sent encrypted using the public PGP key associated to this mailbox. Download public key.


Responsible disclosure

IIn the new digital era, the pace of technology in El Corte Inglés requires constant development in cybersecurity for the infrastructures of our global network to be properly prepared for possible attacks on our computer systems.

Information Security

Our Security Operations Centre (COS) strives to ensure we are protected against threats and improve the evolution of our business. Our priority is to understand the new security incidents and anticipate anychanges.

We also need input from our customers, employees, suppliers and the general public to help us identify any possible security breaches. That will allow us to react more swiftly and effectively.

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