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Commitment to society

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Building the future alongside society

Our link to society means we have a close relationship with people and the environment.


Generating social and economic value

The Group promotes social and economic development in all the countries where it operates, particularly in Spain and Portugal.

In Spain, we are one of the largest employers of the private sector, and also generate indirect and induced jobs. We should not forget the suppliers with which we work and the purchase volume that our business represents, thanks to which we help other companies to continue trading and to generate a greater economic impact.


Accessibility in our business

We strive for our business to be accessible to everyone. We therefore take into account the different realities to be found in society, by implementing different measures that foster integration. Supercor is positioned as a benchmark of this line of work within the Group, with its store accessibility certification and adaptation programme.

We have obtained Bequal certification and the Bequal Plus seal for El Corte Inglés, Supercor and Viajes El Corte Inglés. The seal is a certificate of excellence in disability.

We have a preferential hotline staffed by specialists in helping people with differently abled and older people.


Active participation in organisation and institutions

We are actively involved in over 200 business and economic organisations to analyse and understand the economic, regulatory and political context of our sector, in order to anticipate possible significant changes for the business.


Outreach initiatives with society

We maintain close ties with the people around us, with the aim of fostering long-term sustainability in the communities where we operate. Therefore, we act through three main areas: sport, culture and social commitment.

Aimed at improving people's live

+ 3,300 sport, cultural and social activities


sponsored initiatives

We share many of the values of sport, such as team work, personally excelling, perseverance and healthy habits.


cultural actions

We promote culture in all its aspects and conserve artistic heritage. We host numerous initiatives in our centres which are held in Cultural venues.

Social Commitment 

social initiatives

We are fully engaged with different public interest foundations and associations in order to drive social progress.

We build lasting alliances with foundations and charities to set in motion initiatives that contribute to progress in the community and support vulnerable groups.

01.Children and youth
We are strongly committed and sensitive to the rights of children

02.Health and well-being
We promote initiatives that favor the socioeconomic development of the areas in which we are present

03.Inclusive local development
We promote initiatives that favor the socioeconomic development of the areas in which we are present

Projects that make us proud

“Moda re-“, a project to give clothes a new lease of life

We actively work with the Moda re- project, to give a new lease of life to garments that have not been sold or have been deposited at collection points in our stores. The garments are reused or sent to textile recycling and waste-to-energy projects, thus completing the circular economy cycle. People at risk of social exclusion work at the textile waste sorting plants and at the charity second-hand store.

#ECISeVisteDeRosa campaign

On the occasion of the WHO's International Day against Breast Cancer, we placed themed products on our shelves and allocated part of the proceeds to breast cancer research. We also lit up the façades of our department stores with pink light and launched a line of themed shopping bags. We are also funding research by a multidisciplinary team at several hospitals..

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