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Our business model

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By your side. Always

The ability to adapt and anticipate society's new needs means we are a real facilitator making people's lives easier. The strength of retail, digitalisation, sustainability and diversification are cornerstones to continue moving forwards.


  • Sustainability
  • Diversification

A business model based on experience and mutual trust with customers

El Corte Inglés's business model is based on principles of ethics, sustainability and responsibility towards customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders, society and the environment.  

We are a business group that creates new formats, innovates, breaks into different market segments and develops new business opportunities in different sectors. 

We are known for our ability to adapt and even anticipate society's new demands and needs, where we bring the physical and digital worlds together.

A business model based on experience and mutual trust with customers

Omni-channel model

The digitalisation process is one of the linchpins underpinning the company's strategic plan, and is a customer-oriented project involving the whole company.

This allows us to drive new businesses as part of our forward-looking strategy.

Lines of business

Retail Companies


Retail is the heart of business, the core as the foundation for a group of companies all driven by the desire to make people's lives easier and to establish a bond of trust with the customers and the surroundings. 

Other group businesses

Other businesses of the Group

Thanks to our resolve to transform challenges into opportunities, we have developed different areas of activity and set up a group of companies that share the trust and values associated with the El Corte Inglés brand.

Our ESG performance

The El Corte Inglés Group has always integrated sustainability guidelines into its business model. The first CSR Master Plan, published in 2017, laid the ground for action by the company; its cross-cutting Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility Policy contributes to the generation of trust and shared value. 


Responsible production and consumption

Twofold approach: to suppliers (production) and customers (consumption), strengthened by the Responsibly seal launched in 2018.


Green digitalisation

Innovation as part of the digital transformation of the company. Resulting in savings in materials and energy.


Good Corporate Governance

This covers the other core areas, thanks to the Group's organisational model and policies.


Corporate culture, equality, diversity and social commitment

Cross-cutting and social core areas, in line with the Group's principles and values.


Climate action

With the goal of reducing the company's environmental footprint.

El Corte Inglés in figures





Over 80 years of history

Over 80 years of history

Our more than 80 years of history have seen us evolve, while always being true to our traditional values.HISTORY OF THE GROUP

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