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Our suppliers

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A choice selection of suppliers is the starting point to ensure customer satisfaction.

Our relationship is based on working closely together and mutual trust that enables us to be in line with the customer's needs and to contribute to a more sustainable environment.

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All of our suppliers must accept and adopt the ethical principles of our Letter of Commitment to Compliance.

Our private label product suppliers

As a responsible company, we are making steady progress in verifying the social and labour conditions of our private label product suppliers, they ave to provide a list of production factories and an audit with an ESG certification accepted by El Corte Inglés.

In this regard, we carry out social audits in the framework of the BSCI system (Business Social Compliance Initiative), which takes the fundamental conventions of the International Labour Organization (ILO) as a reference.

We require our private label product suppliers to endorse the BSCI Code of Conduct, which is a non-profit organisation based in Brussels to which the El Corte Inglés Group has belonged since March 2008.

Our drive to generate value for society guides us in the careful choice of supplier

The responsible management model for the supply chain defined by El Corte Inglés Group is based on the due diligence approach, which is essential to prevent and mitigate the negative impacts arising from an inadequate performance by our suppliers.

This approach is guided by a series of mechanisms and fosters ESG good practices, particularly as regards protecting and respecting Human Rights:

01.Identifying and prioritising the risks

02.Anticipating potential negative impacts

03.Mitigating any impacts that occur

04.Publicly reporting

Our good practice cycle

The suppliers of our retail companies are managed in an integrated manner, within a single management system:

Download ESG Commitment Letter


Projects in which we take pride

Multi-sectoral agreement

We have a multi-sectoral agreement in place with the CCOO and UGT trade unions to bolster the respecting workers' rights in the supply chain.

It covers the own brand suppliers of El Corte Inglés and envisages visits to the workplaces to ensure the application of international environmental, social, employment and human rights standards and to improve their working conditions.


Social & environmental due diligence

El Corte Inglés is signed up to the international Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) in 2021, in order to reduce the environmental impact and promote fundamental rights.

We have worked with the different Higg Index self-assessment tools, which allow the sustainability of the supply chains to be measured from a consistent approach. SAC sets targets regarding the proportion of the volume of fabric that has underground social and environmental performance, and the proportion of the purchase volume verified by a third party.

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